Prix D’ami


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Prix D’Ami is the largest coffee shop in the world!

Located in a very attractive part of the city, only 2 minutes walk from the Central Station and in the vicinity of Amsterdam’s most visited museums and attractions.

The local has up to 500 seats, 5 smoking areas, a cinema room and 36 flat screens hanging throughout the building, making watching football matches easy and exciting for the guests.

The kitchen offers an excellent menu with wide variety of choices! And not only that. The food here is top quality, kept in excellent conditions, always fresh, carefully cooked and inexplicably delicious!

Prix D’Ami has a fresh look and is illuminated by means of LED which gives a beautiful and attractive effect. The lounge benches look luxurious and they are also beyond comfortable.

It’s not even a question whether Prix D’Ami has a wide range of smoking supplies, that is a fact!

Prix D’ami offers an extensive choice for both novice and experienced smokers. It is well deserving of the label “stoners’ paradise” and it is perfect for when you get the munchies!

Prix D’Ami does everything in their power to make your experience amazing. Here you get a chance to enjoy and listen to amazing DJs playing live every weekend.

Once it was a warehouse for storage, but now Prix D’Ami is a first class shop for smoke lovers!